We do Industrial Energy Better.
A unique strategy of continuous improvement.
Portfolio. Process. Productivity.
Let us show you how to cut your energy costs and reduce risk.

Turnkey Power Plants

Electrical and thermal supply, grid connected.
Highly efficient, unobtrusive, very quiet.
With or without renewables. Five sigma reliability.
No up front costs or capital expenditure.

Cost of Poor Energy Quality

Cost of Poor Energy Quality

It doesn't show up on your bill.
But it's real nontheless.
Remove this cost and improve your business.

We make sure it runs

99.96% or better uptime.
Weather independence.
Meeting cost targets and reduced risk.

Ops Management


Professionals dedicated to your success.
Open, honest, communicative.
Looking forward to speaking with you.

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We Do Industrial Energy Better.


Our EPD system gives industrial customers direct access to wholesale prices or less, without the risk.  We cut your costs by 10% to 20% without investment obligation.


We bring lean energy to business processes to consume less energy at better yield.


We help your continuous improvement team bring real energy productivity results to the table.