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Our management team has been building and operating energy systems for clients since 1999.  



John Zabilowicz, COO

John cut his teeth working for the Navy and the TVA on ‘big iron’: flue gas de-sulphurization, and gas recovery for electro-galvanization, and major gasification systems for shipboard waste removal.  He commissioned nine cogeneration plants for the Navy.  He’s designed several variants of power dispatching system and built dozens of microgrids for onsite generation.
John is a BSEE graduate from Pennsylvania State University, a licensed professional engineer in fourteen States (PA, NJ, NY, MD, NH, RI, FL,CT, OH, NC, DE, VA, WVA, GA), and he has over 20 years of practical experience in the electrical design of various Industrial and Commercial facilities.

Brian Flynn, CTO

Brian is a hands-on engineer, frequently in the field installing and trouble-shooting equipment and solving seemingly intractable issues.  He’s an expert on fluid dynamics, with several patents in heat exchange technology, leading up to several ISPE Awards for design solutions.  Brian is an expert on cogeneration and grid load management, thermal stratification, lyophilization, and heat recovery – all of which makes him ZFEDs principal energy architect.
Brian is a BSME graduate from Stevens Institute of Technology, a licensed professional engineer in nine states (PA, NJ, MD, NY, FL, RH, VA, DE, VT), and he has over twenty years of practical experience in the design and commissioning of mechanical systems.