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To be most effective, your company’s energy profile should be, at a minimum:

  • Peak over 5 MW during the year, with a consumption of at least 25,000 MWh/yr
  • Be in a deregulated market, i.e., Mid-Atlantic (PJM), New York, New England, Texas (ERCOT), Midwest (MISO), or California (CAISO)

Your thermal consumption is important economically, but not a qualifying factor.
Z-FED’s generating assets may or may not cogenerate, we will reduce your cost either way.

After an initial interview, we may propose to model our energy performance for your demand profile.  This will yield a complete economic model of how much you might save, what investments there are, and the appropriate calculations of the rate of return.

To perform this analysis we require several data items:

  1. Electrical Interval Demand – 8,760 hourly measurements of electrical load for each facility under consideration.  This is generally available from your distribution utility.
  2. Thermal Interval Demand – Your company’s thermal load, either steam, oil, water, or consumption measured in volume of natural gas.
  3. The physical address of each location.
  4. Electricity and Natural Gas bills for the same period of the interval data.  We don’t compete with your retail suppliers, we do not make proposals based on this data.  We use these to determine a lower distribution tariff cost.
  5. A contact person who will manage the process for your firm.

The assessment is done free of charge for qualifying companies.  If the results are promising, we ask for a personal meeting to discuss.


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