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Z-FED brings energy engineering, management, and operations skills to bear on one single goal: minimize energy cost and risk. Our industrial process management expertise serves to focus on maximizing energy productivity. Together, we can improve your energy supply in ways you did not think possible.

Energy Management

As a member of PJM or other RTOs, Z-FED participates in and has direct access to information that influences your electrical energy risk.  Our operations staff has deep technical background in plant engineering, maintenance, and energy operations.  Our gas desk in Houston, Texas benefits from realtime trade information in options and futures.  Our members of electricity management team operate a 24×7 operations center where we monitor grid congestion, pricing, ancillary markets, and generation asset integrity.  We work closely with Federal and State Authorities in regular production and emissions reporting.  


Engineering & Construction

Our engineers are registered in dozens of states, with a deep background in Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering.  Whether it is pharmaceutical, healthcare, materials processing, metals, or just a commercial office park, few engineering challenges we are given are unknown to us.  Our bonded and tested construction teams make schedules and understand the meaning of date-certain.    In the end, if you are successful, our team is successful, and that culture is deeply engrained.




Our clients often choose to allocate precious capital into their business instead of their ancillary supply chain.  We have deep relationships with funds and capital managers of all stripes and risk appetites.  Whether equity-based financing, capacity-as-service, or a joint venture, we can help you put energy cost reductions in place.  Let us help you put together a capital allocation strategy that is right for you and your energy improvement project.




Our award winning operations staff has hundreds of years of aggregate experience in operating central and distributed plants.   We have systematized preventative maintenance with minimal or no impact for client production continuity.  As a member of the EPA’s CHP Partnership we contribute and are recipients of best practices standards in uptime, availability, emissions, and operating efficiency.  We have close, multi-year relationships with major equipment vendors, such as Caterpillar, Cummins, GE and others which gives us the ability to respond quickly to events, or better yet, prevent failures altogether.  



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