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Many industrial consumers have installed onsite generation improve reliability, lower cost cost, or increase efficiency.

What many are not aware of is that for most of the day, the grid is much cheaper than what can be produced onsite.  During the majority of hours the grid costs half of what it costs to make it onsite.

So why make if you can buy?  Furthermore, during those hours where prices on the grid are high, why buy if you can make?

Our ReD microgrid controller buys and sells energy every five minutes, in a hands-off operation.  If you think this is revolutionary, you would be right.  Buying and selling every five minutes takes the human factor out of it: our system offers a guaranteed economic optimal every time, all the time.  We don’t merely recommend like others, we actually implement.

Electrical Capacity

Demand Response programs shift load in favor of the grid.  For industrial consumers, this means that they will curtail or shut down their production processes on demand, when the grid is overloaded.

ZF Energy’s approach does not require industrial consumers to neglect their customer’s needs simply to alleviate grid load for someone else’s profit.  We sell the value of installed generation capacity directly at auction, at full value.  When grid operators make a load call, our customer’s observed load goes to zero without losing production.  You benefit from full capacity value, instead of a fraction of your load reduction.


Grid-connected capacity provides the comfort of greater energy reliability through redundancy.  ZF Energy’s industrial microgrids are naturally interconnected, with electrical switchgear that is fast and never noticed.  Our designs give industrial consumers reliability options ranging from guaranteed uptime, grid-failure blackstart, or simply manual dispatch via our 24×7 energy operations center.

Thermal Management

ZF Energy’s microgrids have some of the most sophisticated thermal management systems in use, achieving energy efficiencies as high as 90%.  Our ReD Controller ensures that thermal management systems continue to perform independent of market-driven electrical dispatch.  Whether hot water, steam at varying pressures, hot oils, chilled water, or hot/cold storage and dispatch, we make use of these technologies for maximum value.


ZF Energy’s microgrids lower the amount of energy input per manufactured unit.  This means a direct benefit in reduced emissions.  If appropriate, we integrate renewable energy into the microgrid infrastructure, optimally dispatched in ways that are not conventionally possible.  For instance, we can match dispatchable and non-dispatchable generation in such a way to maximize exports and capacity revenue – income that can only be seen through the use of our ReD controller.  All these measures result in the effective elimination of  SOx and Hg emissions, a large reduction in NOx, and 5%-20% reductions in CO2 emissions per MWh.


Our industrial microgrids integrate every process component, switch, motor, relay, and controller in combination every facet of thermal and electrical consumption and generation into a precisely managed microgrid.  We integrate not merely conventional generation of all kinds, but also solar PV, solar thermal, biodigestion, and water processing, where economically sensible.

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