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Lower Cost AND Fewer Emissions

Z-FED’s ReD-controlled Generating Assets and Microgrid architectures integrate renewable energy resources with realtime markets to produce surprising results.

  • Very little to no sulfur dioxide emission & no mercury emissions

  • Lowest, state-of-the-art CO2 emissions reductions for industrial loads

  • Realtime market information to optimize pricing and buy/sell opportunities

  • USGBC PEER-Certification with renewable energy integration

  • 40-60% Gross Cost Reduction, 18-20% IRR

An example microgrid configuration with renewable integration. See below for an example result.

This result is measured over 6 days in July.  Solar PPA $70/MWh for a 7 MW STC solar field producing 147 MWh; GA cogenerating production cost $35/MWh; total demand 506 MWh; PECO Zone PJM RT pricing; Regional emissions data central Pennsylvania source: EPA.

A market-connected microgrid integrating solar and natural gas generation outperforms both Market-only and Solar + Market purchases in coat and emissions.  While grid-connected Natural Gas generators clearly offer the lowest price, it does not offer the lowest emissions.

Only Z-FED’s patented market management technology can produce these results – increase the sustainability of your energy supply while lowering costs at the same time.

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